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Criminal cases

We have vast experience of dealing with criminal cases. We take on jobs as defence lawyers and as counsels for injured parties. As defence lawyers we represent clients who are suspects or charged with a crime. Our role as counsel for an injured party means that we represent people who are the victims of a crime.

The client is central to us. It is important to always meet the client in a personal way and support him or her with legal queries whether the person is the victim or suspect of a crime. We strongly believe that everyone deserves personal and respectful treatment.

By being active in the early stages of the investigation we can advise and start the necessary process to protect the rights of our client. It is very important that the client is represented in the right way and that everything is documented correctly. If necessary, we also work closely with other experts within medicine and technology.

We who work with criminal cases

We have our base in western Sweden with offices in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka. We take assignments throughout Sweden and also internationally.

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