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Victim of a crime

When you are the victim of certain types of crime you have the right to a legal counsel. This person is known as a counsel for an injured party (målsägandebiträde).
You usually have the right to a counsel for an injured party if you are the victim of a sexual crime, violence in a close relationship, other severe violent crime, illegal restraint, violation of domicile or robbery. However, it can be applied to other types of crime if there are special needs or the crime itself can lead to imprisonment.

Make sure your rights are protected

Legal aid for victims of crime

The district court will decide on your right to a counsel if you are an injured party in a case and it will appoint your counsel. However, you are entitled to make suggestions for who you would like to represent you. If you do not have any specific requests, the court will appoint a counsel at its own discretion. A counsel for an injured party may be appointed once a preliminary investigation has been initiated.

It is important that you discuss who you want to be appointed as your counsel as soon as possible with the prosecutor or police responsible for the preliminary investigation. You can also contact the district court directly at your request. As a victim of crime, legal aid is free to you.

The legal information for an injured party is clearly defined

Responsibility: the counsel can support you as an injured party if you assist the prosecutor’s action (demand for conviction). In this case, you will have an independent right to appeal the verdict in the case of guilt.

Damages: the counsel also has jurisdiction to bring your claim for damages (individual claim) and the right to attend the hearing during the preliminary investigation, and he or she may ask you questions as an injured party.

Support through the judicial process

Support through the judicial process

Your counsel has the task of protecting your interests. Your counsel will provide support and assistance during the preliminary investigation and the trial, and the counsel can also assist you in the prosecution and bring your claim for damages. For many it is a security to have someone to turn to throughout the process. The person must be your support person and your legal counsel.

When we take on the role as an injured party’s counsel, the individual’s safety is paramount. We will help the injured party through a process that may feel both uneasy and frightening, through personal response and clear assessments.

We will help you with everything you need to know before the trial

It is common for someone who has been subjected to a crime to feel nervous and uneasy about taking part in a trial. We find that many victims of crime benefit greatly from participating in the briefings before an upcoming trial. In these meetings, we review what will happen during the trial and what the injured party wishes to convey. For example, it may be a single claim (damages from the defendant) or a need for protection and peace in relation to the suspect.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to hire us or have questions about the criminal proceedings.

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