Company reorganisation
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Company reorganisation

We can help your business with a financial reconstruction to restore its vitality if it is basically profitable but has for some reason ended up in a financial crisis. The company may also need an organisational reconstruction affecting marketing or manufacturing, or leading to a change in production orientation.

The management acts to improve the company’s performance through a reconstruction. It can also negotiate with creditors about a composition. According to legislative history it is important from a societal and business-economic perspective that companies in crisis are restructured at an early stage to regain their vitality before the crisis is so deep that bankruptcy is the only way out.

Bankruptcy almost exclusively leads to major capital destruction to the detriment of all concerned.

In exceptional circumstances, bankruptcy can be used for the reconstruction of a company. The bankruptcy procedure aims to discontinue the company and allocate its remaining assets between creditors. A company reconstruction, however, has the opposite purpose. It aims to consolidate and develop activities for the benefit of society, employees, creditors and owners.

We who work with insolvencies and business settlement

We have our base in western Sweden with offices in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka. We take assignments throughout Sweden and also internationally.

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