Inventory of the estate
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Inventory of the estate

When a person dies it is a legal requirement to prepare an inventory of the estate (unless the estate is small and there is no property). This action forms the groundwork for the eventual distribution of the estate. The inventory of the estate is a list of the assets and debts belonging to the estate together with its market value. It is necessary to establish any part-owners of the estate who are thus entitled to part of the inheritance.

The list also includes

  • Creditors with interests to overlook
  • Heirs with a stake in future inheritance
  • Benefactors of the will

The inventory of the estate is registered at the Swedish Tax Agency and is thereafter treated as a kind of identification that shows who has the right to represent the estate.

To avoid disputes between those who have a stake in the estate, we recommend you take instructions from a lawyer. The lawyer can help you make a correct valuation of the assets and advise on the practical steps to distribute the estate.

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