Young people living in troubled conditions or those with severe substance abuse or suffering from mental health problems can be subject to preventive detention to reduce the risk of being mistreated or harmed. A person in need of such preventive detention can receive a public counsel who will work on his or her behalf. The public counsel will be appointed by the court.

Care of young people

A child can be detained under the youth care law (LVU) if, for example, the child’s parents cannot take care of him or her and provide the necessary support, or if the child has problems associated with addiction or crime. In such cases, a decision will be taken by a court after an investigation has been carried out by social services. Pending the decision by the court, social services may make a temporary decision.

In case of care, the child and his or her custodian can be assigned a public counsel that will work in the interests of the young person or custodian.

Care of addicts

According to the law on the care of people with substance addiction (LVM), a person can be detained to eliminate abuse of alcohol or drugs. This can be the case if the addiction endangers his or her mental or physical health or harms the person and his or her relatives.

The person in charge of the care may be a public counsel whose task is to act in the interests of the person in need of assistance.

Care of individuals suffering from psychiatric illness

According to the law on the compulsory care of people with mental health issues (LPT) and the law on legal psychiatric care (LRV), a decision can be made that a person suffering mental illness should be taken care of by the state. Decisions made in relation to compulsory care of people with mental health issues (LPT) are taken by doctors while decisions on legal psychiatric care (LRV) are taken by the court.

A person in compulsory care may be assigned to a public counsel whose task is to act in his or her interests.

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