Migration law

Migration law

Migration law deals with the right of a foreign citizen to stay in Sweden. We have extensive experience and very good knowledge of migration law and representing people from different cultures.

Our lawyers speak several languages ​​(English, Dari, Persian, Russian, Albanian, Hindi and Assyrian). If we do not speak your language, we always use competent translators who assist us in our work.

The right to a public consultation

If you seek asylum in Sweden or otherwise risk being expelled from Sweden, you are entitled to a public counsel. The Migration Agency often assigns public assistance to the asylum seeker, and anyone who is deemed to need assistance may request a lawyer or attorney who is paid for by the state.

The agency accepts work as a public counsel in connection with asylum applications, applications for residence permit and work permits or citizenship in Sweden. A detained person is also entitled to a public counsel and should request a lawyer as soon as possible. The task of the public counsel is to safeguard the asylum seeker’s interests and represent him or her during the process. If the asylum seeker does not get a public counsel, he or she can hire us as a private representative.

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