Property law and contracting works
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Property law and contracting works

Elison Wahlin Advokatbyrå’s lawyers have vast experience of issues relating to property, construction, housing and different kinds of access rights. We assist parties in different commercial agreements, whether they need help drawing up a contract or a lawyer to represent them in court.

Our real estate services

The lawyers review and produce contracts in these areas of law. For example, when it comes to the transaction of a property, contracting works, servitudes and leaseholds, rental agreements, contracts on joint ownership and contracts between partners. With our extensive experience of producing different contract we make sure that they are formulated in a correct way that gives everyone the proper protection.

Property law

We will assist you as lawyers in disputes regarding property, rentals and other access rights.

Contracting works

With our extensive experience, we can offer you advice and assistance as legal advisors in disputes relating to contracting works, either in disputes between commercial partners or when a business holder has completed contracting works for a client.

We who work with property law and contracting works

We have our base in western Sweden with offices in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka. We take assignments throughout Sweden and also internationally.

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