Legal aid

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Legal aid

You may be entitled to legal aid from the state if the legal dispute is not covered by your insurance. Legal aid may be granted to private individuals whose financial base does not exceed 260,000 SEK. In exceptional cases, a person who runs a business can also receive legal aid.

If you are granted legal aid, you will have to pay a legal aid fee determined by your financial situation. Your financial base is the total sum of your assets/wealth minus debts and support commitments.

Legal aid cannot be granted for all types of legal disputes. For example, legal aid is not granted for simple registration matters such as estate inventory or registration issues according to the Land and Cadastral legislation. Some legal issues and disputes require special reasons for legal aid to be approved, for example divorce, child maintenance, and legal matters that are supposed to be handled abroad.

To be granted legal aid you must initiate a consultation with a lawyer/legal practitioner for a minimum of one and a maximum of two hours on payment of a set fee. You will usually pay the cost for this initial consultation yourself, though you can also apply for legal assistance for this consultation. Legal aid is granted by the Legal Aid Authority or a court of law.

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